Spanking role play

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I love fantasizing, I love playing, and I love getting lost in a scene. It gives me the opportunity to escape reality, and is more socially acceptable than breaking into song and dance in the middle of the neighborhood. While I love acting and singing and loud chatting, my husband is the complete opposite. He is the epitome of the Southern Gentleman. Though we complement each other, we often find ourselves on different sides when it comes to certain matters. I will go into more detail about our DD journey next time, but suffice it to say, it took a lot to convince him to try spanking as a form of discipline.

It was so confusing and overwhelming for both of us. I wanted him to spank me for many different reasons, which I will expound on later. And believe me, I pushed pretty hard at times. Though that kind of interaction was more sexually based, I saw how it could be manipulated into a spanking scene. It sounded so easy, and so wonderful! I pictured his stern face as he pulled me over his lap.

Then he would paddle me until I sobbed. You spanking role play me over your lap, and spank me as hard as you can. But being the loving husband that he was, he agreed to try. I pouted at him, stomped my foot, and called him a big bully. I may have even stuck out my tongue. That was the furthest he got before dumping me to the floor, falling backwards on the bed, and giggling. Yes, my full grown, intense Alpha male, was giggling hysterically, and flailing on the bed! It was by far, the silliest experience we had had in a long time. But it is still one of my favorite memories.

I am happy to say, that we finally worked it out. When we took out the extra drama and the scriptand just let things progress naturally, the scenes worked a lot better. He still does not say anything during role play sessions. But he has improved in the nonverbal aspect. I love the way he maneuvers me over his lap, and holds me tightly. His hand is so hard and methodical- he makes sure not to leave a single inch of my backside untouched.

He heats spanking role play body, thoroughly dominating and then satiating me. It is so amazing to see the progress we have made, both in and out of the bedroom. It still makes me laugh. Thanks so much for stopping by! Please head on over and visit the other blogs.

beautiful bitch Florence

They have some great things to say about this topic! Ha ha! You crack me up. I love the giggling. I think a lot of first role play goes that way. Hehe, I have been told I have quite the devious mind, Renee! Excellent role play scene. I hope that you will role play more often.

Halloween is almost here, lots of sexy costumes for that day. Have fun. You really made me laugh at your description of your first foray into roleplay. But a good dose of laughter is good for a marriage! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Thanks, Tara!

lovely lady Vanessa

You are absolutely right! We had a period of no laughter, several years ago, and honestly, we were both pretty miserable. It was pretty rough. Thankfully, we found our joy again. And spanking played a huge part in helping us. Now I really wished we lived in the same neighborhood so we could sing and dance on the sidewalks together!

Thank you so much for sharing your role playing experience. This sounds like what would happen with me and my husband, we laugh all the time.

married asian Kiara

But sounds like you and your husband are finding a groove you can work in! What a sweet post. It made me smile. Your husband is a sweetie for doing his best to meet your needs. He loves you very much. Thanks, Cara! He is such a good husband. But I know it was hard for him to accept such a big responsibility. And he has really gotten into it! So funny! Love it. Love that he fell giggling when trying the role play. Love that you could laugh together then try it again — without the script.

Thanks for sharing — it was a fun and intimate read. Thanks, Natasha! I like that we have similar journeys and experiences. I always love reading your posts, Katherine! I can totally picture the two of you cracking up trying to play out that scene. I have a feeling that he will feel more than comfortable with the verbal aspect eventually just like everything else. Thanks so much, Spanking role play I really hope so! At the end of the day, this kink stuff is supposed to be fun, ya know?

You are so right, Erica! And laughter is definitely a big part of our relationship. And I can identify! Which is sweet, of course! Your post also brought to mind something I had meant to include in my own: the thought that, just as with submission, trust is an indispensable element in roleplay. When we play we are putting our dignity in the hands of another; we are counting on them to value our fantasy and our need to fantasise, to validate these things, to share spanking role play the experience and in so doing make it whole.

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Spanking role play

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